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Faculty Journal Publications

Sl. No Faculty Name Paper Title Journal Details Impact factor
1 M.Vichitra Comparative analysis of vegetable crop yield by using industrial waste and treated water The Pharma Innovation Journal, Vol. 11(12), 2022 2.53
2 Kowsalya P Chemical-free natural dots as photocatalysts: A novel and cost-effective approach for dye degradation International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 2022. 3.51
3 Kowsalya P Phycocyanin from Spirulina platensis bio-mimics quantum dots photocatalytic activity: A novel approach for dye degradation Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2022. 5.19
4 Kowsalya P Sunlight-driven antibacterial activity of a novel zinc oxide quantum dot and its optimization using Box–Behnken design – A medicament for communicable disease protective wearables Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry, 2022. 2.43
5 Kowsalya P Spirulina carbon dots: a promising biomaterial for photocatalytic textile industry Reactive Red M8B dye degradation Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2023. 5.19
6 Kowsalya P Optimization of photo:active carbon dots for reactive dyes degradation by response surface methodology – an industrial approach Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society, 2023. 2.271
7 Kowsalya P Photocatalytic treatment of Textile effluents by biosynthesized Photo-smart catalyst – An eco friendly and cost-effective approach Environment Development and Sustainability, 2023. 4
8 Preethi J Phytochemical analysis on leaf extract of Celosia argentea L and its efficacy of antioxidant and anti-bacterial activity International journal of Pharm Tech Research, Vol 8 (4), 2015. 2.1
9 Mrs. Nagalakshmi P V Formulation And Evaluation Of Ibuprofen Suspension Using Natural And Synthetic Suspending Agents. World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 2017 8.08
10 Mr.S.Subash Chandrabose A small scale Textile wastewater treatment by phytoremidiation using Eichhornia crassipes International Journal of Engineering & Technology, Conference proceedings, 2023