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  1. An employee of the Institute shall devote his/her whole time to the service of the Institute and shall not engage directly or indirectly in any trade or business or in another Institute or any other work, which is likely to interfere with the proper discharge of his/her duties.  This provision shall not apply to academic work like giving guest lectures, giving talks and any other work undertaken with prior permission of the Principal.
  2. Every Employee shall, at all times maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty and shall do nothing against the dignity and prestige of the institute, particularly in his/her relationship with the Principal, Faculty, Students and Visitors to the Institute.
  3. No Employee shall, without obtaining the previous sanction of the Principal, ask for or accept or in any way participate in the raising of any subscription or other pecuniary assistance in pursuance of any object whatsoever except for routine, farewell and felicitation connected with the institute.
  4. No staff member of the institute shall, engage himself/herself in coaching privately, students for any remuneration.
  5. No employee shall, except with the previous sanction of the Principal, accept any remunerative or honorary work not connected with the institute.
  6. No employee shall, except with the permission of the Principal, own wholly or in part, conduct or participate in editing or management of any newspapers or other periodical publications.
  7. No employee shall, while being on duty, take part in politics which includes holding office, elective or otherwise in any political party or standing for election to the state legislature or the Parliament or take part in any other election as independent or on any party ticket.
  8. No employee shall take part in any act or movement, such  as strike, incitement there to or similar activity in connection with any matter pertaining to his service or to any other matter, which tends to bring the institute to disrepute, nor shall he/she resort to media with his/her grievances.
  9. An employee shall not, without the knowledge and approval of the Principal and Management, have recourse to any organization/ authority, court, or to the press for vindication of this grievance.
  10. The Governing Body in exercising the provisions of these rules shall exercise the power, after giving the employee concerned, an opportunity to explain his/her case.
  11. No employee may abstain himself/herself from duty without prior permission.  In case of emergency of proceeding on leave without prior permission, he/she must explain the circumstance, which were beyond his/her control before rejoining duty.
  12. Every employee shall be at work punctually at the timings fixed unless permitted otherwise by his/her supervisor.
  13. No employee shall after reporting himself/herself for work, be found absent during the period of work assigned to them.

However the above rules do not apply to employees appointed on deputation, contract basis and persons appointed temporarily for a specific period.

  1. Misconduct

The following acts of commission/omission shall be treated as misconduct:

  • Failure to exercise efficient supervision on the subordinate staff.
  • Disobedience to any lawful order of his/her superior officer.
  • Gross negligence in teaching or other duty assigned.
  • No outsider shall be allowed to get inside the premises of the Institute or to damage the Institute property.
  • Intemperate habits affecting the efficiency of the teaching work.
  • Any act involving moral tribute is punishable under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code.
  • Failure on the part of an employee to give full and correct information regarding his/her provision history and violating any other specific directions or instructions given by his/her superior officer.



  1. Disciplinary Proceedings

No order imposing any punishment on a Member shall be imposed except after: The member will be informed in writing by the Principal in regard to the allegations on which disciplinary action is proposed to be taken and is given an opportunity to make representation that he/she may wish to make in person orally or in writing. Such representation, if any, is taken in to consideration by the authority competent to impose penalty.

  1. Disciplinary Actions and appeals:

These rules shall apply to all Employees of the Institute.  The following penalties may, for sufficient reasons be imposed upon the employees of the institute namely,

  1. Censure
  2. Fine
  3. With holding of increments/promotion
  4. Reduction to a lower post or a lower stage in time scale.
  5. Recovery from pay of the whole or part of any pecuniary loss caused to the loss institute by negligence of breach of orders
  6. Suspension
  7. Compulsory Retirement.
  8. Dismissal from the Institute service.