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Lecture Notes

III Semester

Subject Code Subject Name Download link
MA3351 Transform and Partial Differential Equations Download
PY3301 Chemical Process Calculations Download
BT3352 Microbiology Download
PY3302 Pharmaceutical Chemistry Download
BT3392 Biochemistry Download
PY3391 Human Anatomy and Physiology Download

V Semester

Subject Code Subject Name Download link
PY3501 Pharmaceutical Dosage forms Download
PY3502 Unit Operations in Pharmaceutical Industries Download
PY3503 Pharmacology Download
PY3012 Biological Spectroscopy Techniques Download
PY3011 Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology Download
MX3084 Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Download
PY3008 Manufacturing Technology of Dosage Forms Download

VII Semester

Subject Code Subject Name Download link
PY8701 Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics Download
PY8702 Regulatory Requirements in Pharmaceutical Industries Download
PY8703 Chemistry of Natural Products Download
OBM752 Hospital Management Download
PY8020 Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology Download
PY8013 Technology of Sterile Products Download