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The Department of Biomedical Engineering was established in the year 2020 conducting B.E Biomedical with the intake of 60. Biomedical Engineering Department operates in the ECE block with the built area of 29,900 Sq.ft. The Laboratories are well equipped with latest desktop computers, servers, UPS etc., and all the computers are connected through LAN.

The department is equipped with well-established state of art laboratories. Each lab is furnished with recent hardware and software tools. The list of the laboratories is furnished below:

Laboratory Facilities:

Mention the laboratories available in the Department

  1. Bioscience Lab
  2. Fundamentals of Electronic Devices and Circuits
  3. Anatomy and Human Physiology Lab
  4. Sensors and Measurements Lab
  5. Object oriented programming Lab
  6. Biomedical Instrumentation Lab
  7. Diagnostic and therapeutic Equipment Lab
  8. Embedded and IoT Lab
Lab Name Equipments Details
Bioscience Lab Colorimeter, Spectrophotometer, pH meter, Weighing balance, Refrigerator, SDS gel electrophoresis, TLC, ready TLC plates, Wintrobe’s tube, Centrifuge Normal, Microslides, Lancet, Microscope, Neubaur’s Chamber, Heparinized Syringe, Haemoglobinometer, Capillary tubes
Fundamentals of Electronic Devices and Circuits CRO 30MHz, DC Digital Ammeter, DC Digital Voltmeter, Function Generator (3MHz), Analog IC Tester, Digital IC Tester, Digital IC Trainer Kit, Dual Regulated Power supply (0-30) V/2A, Multiple Regulated Power suppy(+5) V/2A, (015)V/2A, Single Regulated Power supply (0-30) V/2A, Decade Inductance Box (6Dial), Variable Resistance Box (6Dial), Decade Capacitance Box (6Dial), Analog Ammeter (0-1) mA,(0-10)mA, (0-100)mA, (0-200) µA, Analog Voltmeter (0-5)V, (0-10)V, 0-100 mV, Digital Multimeter, Transformer (9-0-9) V, IC – BC107, BC148,2N2646, BFW10, IN4007, Zener diode , Resistor, Capacitor, Inductors, Bread Board, Photodiode and SCR
Anatomy and Human Physiology Lab Test tubes, Blood group identification kit, Capillary tube, filter paper, RBC and WBC pipette and diluting fluid, Neubaur’s chamber, Lancet, Microslides, ESR stand and tube, Tuning fork, Snellen’s chart, Jaegar’s chart
Sensors and Measurements Lab  Thermocouple, RTD, Strain Gauge (bonded and unbounded type), Photo transistor, photo diode, Resistors-Range between 1-0.0001 ohm, LVDT, Hall effect transducer, Piezoelectric Transducer, Potentiometer, Thermistor, LDR, Trainer kits- Schering Bridge, Maxwell’s bridge, Hay’s bridge, Gas sensor
Analog and Digital Integrated Lab Digital Trainer Kit – (with 5 V, Variable and fixed frequency Clock, Bread Board, Four Seven Segment displays, LEDs for output display, Logic 1 and 0 Input switches), Logic ICs – (7400, 7402, 7404, 7408, 7410, 7420, 7432, 7447, 7448, 7474, 7476, 7483, , 7485, 7486, 7490, 7495, 74151, 741 Common Anode and cathode 7-segment displays, LEDs), NE555, LM317 and LM723, Circuit Simulation Software
Biomedical Instrumentation Lab pH meter and conductivity meter, Photo transducer for pulse measurement, Sphygmomanometer and Stethoscope, Blood flow measurement system, Multiparameter (ECG, EMG, EEG) Simulator, Function generator, DSO, Regulated Power supplies, Bread boards, C LM 324, AD 620, INA series (126,128 etc.), 555 Timer, Opto Isolator IC, Software tool for PCB design, IC 741
Diagnostic and therapeutic Equipment Lab EEG Machine with Visually and Auditory evoked potential setup, GSR setup, multi-output power supply (+15v, -15v, +30V variable, +5V, 2A), Short wave Diathermy, Ultrasonic diathermy, Multiparameter biotelemetry system, Electrical Safety Analyser, ECG Simulator, Medical stimulator, Surgical diathermy with analyzer, Audiometer, Pacemaker and Defibrillator, Hemodialysis model and Heart lung Model, Ventilator, Ultrasound Scanner
Embedded and IoT Lab ARM Controller boards, Arduino board, DHT 11 sensors, Temperature sensor, ECG sensor, Infrared sensor, RaspberryPi, Bluetooth/ WiFi modules, DC/Stepper motor, Pulse sensor, Pulse oximeter