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Student Support

“Student support services are an essential component of e-learning provision. Students’ retention, success and satisfaction are their main objectives. Students are provided with clear and up-to-date information about their courses, including learning and assessment methods. Student support services for e-learning programmes are available through a range of channels (online and face to face, synchronous and asynchronous, using mobile technologies, etc.). Planning encompasses human support for mentoring, tutoring, coaching, counseling, assessment, management, advice and guidance services, and includes academic, professional and other specialist staff inputs. Support can be offered through a variety of means: materials and activities such as MOOCs, NPTEL Swayam courses, seminars, online courses, video tutorials, blended-learning courses, etc. Digital (online) library facilities provide a good solution for e-learners, as well as being useful for students and staff. On financial support of students, Post-Metric Scholarship Schemes (PMSS), BC and MBC scholarship, Puthumai Pen, First graduate scholarship, 7.5% government scholarship schemes etc, are availed for students.