Incubation Centre

The Institution caters for Innovation through the functioning of Incubation Centers under, Two Departments viz., Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering

The Incubation Centres are,

  1. IOT Based Smart Campus Automation Centre
  2. Cloud Computing


To achieve campus automation using IOT based smart devices in the following areas:

  1. Building Management and Security
  2. Water Management
  3. Energy Management

This Initiative is going to be implemented with collaborations of Sri Muthukumaran Institute of Technology, VI-Microsystems and Sri Muthukumaran Educational Trust.

1.Building management and Security

It is intended to achieve automation in building management and security through smart cards and biometric with RFID and making provision for video surveillance along with IP camera, installation of fire safety systems with smart control, parking authorization through smart cards, installing electronics door lock and control using advanced relays, motors, and switch gear units.

2. Automatic Water Management System

It is planned to achieve automation in water management through drinking water treatment, waste water treatment and to achieve water conservation using smart devices.

3.Automation in Energy management

Power production

Smart WECS, solar and Biomass systems

Power Distribution

Through incorporation of FACTS, HVDC, high voltage switch gears and transformers with the smart controllers and network access solutions.

Power consumption

Through Installation of Multifunctional Smart Energy Meters, Energy Efficient Drives & Motors, Electro Pneumatic Positioners, Energy Efficient Lamps & Fittings and through the usage of software for database analysis.

Real-time communication

Through wireless access points, Internet, Ethernet communication and IOT.


i.To Develop and Implement Cloud based Mobile Apps.

ii.To Develop and Implement Cloud based Resource Scheduling.

M/s.IFANDFOR Endeavours is in MoU with SMIT and established their extension work environment in our campus for doing development and research.

i.Cloud based Mobile Apps

It is planned to create hybrid apps using common APIs that run consistently across iOS, and Android devices with built-in support for popular frameworks without the extra cost and time. The Apps thus developed will find potential applications with Google Play and the Apple Store enterprises

ii.Cloud based Resource Scheduling

It is planned to design and model, Analytics as a Service (AaaS) platform and formulate resource scheduling problem, on the basis of mixed Integer Linear Programming and to develop an algorithm to ensure admission control and resource scheduling.