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Academic Council

The Academic council comprises the Principal, Heads of all the Departments, External expert member  for all disciplines, representatives from Industry and representatives from other Institutions of Eminence. The Academic council is the supreme body in all academic aspects such as planning, formulating and monitoring curricular aspects, teaching- learning methodologies and any other matter related to academics. The design input pertaining to introduction of any new courses, is proposed by the chair person of various Board of Studies (BoS). After thorough scrutinization and analysis of the courses proposed, permission is granted to conduct such courses. Academic modification of existing curriculum, introduction of any new course, electives etc., need to get prior approval in the Academic Council before getting introduced in the curriculum. Academic council works in tandem with IQAC to implement academic aspects, setting benchmarks and institutionalizing best practices with respect to all courses offered by the Institution. Various Departmental budgets, roadmap for research and development activities and strategic plan for any other academic activities are presented and approval obtained before implementation.