About Us

Welcome to the Department of Science & Humanities which is imparting knowledge through teaching and creating implementation of practical aspects to build a solid foundation as part of the Engineering Education. Department of Science & Humanities is one of the indispensable departments of SMIT and plays a vital role in teaching basic science courses as prescribed by the curriculum of the Anna University in the I, II and III year of Engineering programme.

This Department consists of subjects like English, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Environmental Science and Engineering. Our department is backed by well educated, talented & dedicated faculty members to fulfill their task. In addition to the primary teaching duties discharged by them; many of them have their publications in National as well as International Journals of repute for attaining perfection in their profession.

The teaching module comprises of lectures, tutorials and practicals. The methodology adopted in the classroom teaching is based on the application of innovetion strategies, comprehensive lectures, regular assignments and counselor interaction between teachers and students. The purpose of inducing the subjects of Science & Humanities in Engineering study is to lay a well- built foundation of basic concepts for various engineering disciplines. Therefore, the department acts as a facilitator to develop, the practical approach to explore their hidden talents, personality and communication skills to fulfill the need of budding technocrats. We at department level in particular and institutional level in general at SMIT, Chennai are moving ahead to provide the best facilities for our budding technocrats.

The first semester of the 4 – year, B.E and B.Tech Degree programmes is common to all students from the various branches of engineering and technology. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are taught to provide the students with a basic knowledge in theory and help acquire skills in laboratory practice useful to their studies in the subsequent years.

The Department of English offers English as a prescribed subject of study to the first year B.E/B.Tech students. Besides this, it offers a course in “Communication Skills” with a view to develop the competence of spoken and written communication in engineering students from the III seemester to the VII semester.


  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Management Studies