IT department was started in the year July 2000 with massive computing facilities and outstanding classrooms with an excellent work-study environment open to students and faculties.  The teaching – learning is facilitated with sufficient class rooms and library.

Department Library

The Department Library occupies a unique place in academic activities of the department. It is perhaps the most important central facility provided by the Institute. The Library maintains an excellent collection of 556 data books and other documents/materials.

Lab Facility

The department has state of the art computing facilities to engage the students and faculties to achieve their task with ease of operation. The laboratory is furnished with recent software tools.

The list of the laboratories is furnished below:

  • C Programming Laboratory

The students gain knowledge to develop programs in C using basic constructs, strings, pointers, functions, structures. The students are exposed to develop applications in C using file processing.

  • Python Programming Laboratory

The students learns to implement (write, test, and debug) simple Python programs. The implementation of Python programs involes conditionals, looping sturctures, functions and representation of compound data using Python lists, tuples, dictionaries and files.

  • PHP Programming Laboratory

The students will gain real time experience by writing simple scripts for the creation of web sites and create various information technology enabled applications

  • Data Structures Laboratory

The students gain knowledge to implement linear, non-linear data structures and understand the different operations of search trees, graph traversal algorithms and various sorting and searching algorithms.

  • Object Oriented Programming Laboratory

The students will gain experience to build their software development skills using java programming for real-world applications. They will understand concepts of classes, packages, interfaces, arraylist, exception handling and file processing and finally develop applications using generic programming and event handling.

  • Database Management Systems Laboratory

The students will have practical experience with various data definitions and data manipulation commands,  the usage of nested and join queries, functions, procedures and procedural extensions of data bases. The students will design and implementation of typical database applications

  • Operating Systems Laboratory

Students will gain practical experience with designing and implementing  concepts  of  operating  systems  such  as  system  calls, CPU  scheduling,  process  management, memory management, file systems and deadlock handling using C language in Linux environment.

  • Web Programming Laboratory

The students are exposed to create dynamic web pages using the latest versions of HTML / DHTML and style sheets. The implementation of Java frames and applets are involved. In advance the students are educated to implement PHP code and .Net frame work and RMI

  • Mobile Application Development Laboratory

The students are educated with working principles, different components and structure of various mobile application development frameworks mobile application development frameworks for Android and windows OS based mobiles.  In details the capabilities and limitations of mobile devices are taught.

  • Compiler Laboratory

The students are exposed to compiler writing tools and learn to implement the different Phases of compiler. They become familiar with control flow and data flow analysis along with optimization techniques.

  • Data Mining Laboratory

The students get familiar with the various algorithm of data mining process. The students acquainted with the tools and techniques used for Knowledge Discovery in Databases.

  • Security Laboratory

The students gain knowledge about the various cipher techniques and implement them algorithms DES, RSA, MD5, SHA-1. Apart from the implementation the students learn to tools like GnuPG, KF sensor, Net Strumbler.

  • Grid And Cloud Computing Laboratory

The students are exposed to usage of tool kits in grid and cloud environment for developing web services/applications. The students are educated with the latest open source software framework (Hadoop Technology) for storing data and running applications on clusters of commodity hardware.