Student Centric Learning

Mini Projects

S.No  Project Name  Student Name  Name of the Guide Year  Outcomes
Online Vehicle Rental System Aarthi .R
Mr.A.G.Ignatius 2017 The rental amount for vehicle parking is paid online thereby reducing
2 Payroll System Jayanthi.S
Ms.S.Aparna 2017 Payroll calculations like basic pay,HA, etc  for private company 
3 Pharmacy Database Management System Gurumoorthi  D
Nithesh Kumar  R
Mr.P.Jayakrishnan 2018 The medicine details for pharmacy is collected and maintained in a database for easy access
4 Internet Shopping Cart System Pavithra  P
Soundarya  N
Mrs.P.Mahalakshmi 2018 A Website for online shopping with easy payment facility is created
5 Verification of Digital Signature using Artificial Neural Networks Jayashree  B
Mynavathi  T
Ms.A.Pravi 2019 Deals with the signature verification using neural network in which the signature is presented in the image format to the system. Various image processing techniques are used to verify the signature.

Workshop / Hands on Training

Name of the workshop/ Hands on training Date Outcomes
Data Science in R 20.02.19 Students have gained knowledge in R programming and R programming tools
Deep Learning Simplified But Not Simpler 30.07.18  Concepts of deep learning and applications were illustrated to the students effectively.
Mobile Application Development 24.08.2018 Students have gained hands
on experience in Mobile Application and also develop new mobile apps by their own.
Techniques of Software Testing 7.10.2017 Students got experience in
testing tools like Win loader , Run loader and Test Director
Big Data & Analytics 09.02.2017 Various topics pertaining to Big Data were also covered, the different algorithms analysis helped the students to gain better understanding about the topic.

Seminar taken by students

Name of the student Seminar topic Date
Ajith Kumar  M Architectural Mapping using Dataflow 04-15-2017
Baby Sree  C Query Processing and Optimization 07-16-2017
Venkatamuni.S Parallel Processing challenges 02-03-2018
Nithesh Kumar  R Crawling and Indexing the Web 02-09-2018
Lokesh. V Trends in Distributed Systems 28-01-2019