Student Centric Learning

Mini Projects

S.No  Project Name  Student Name  Name of the Guide  Outcomes
1 RFID Based Students Attendance Tracking And Academic Analysis System Aiswarya.G                                        Akanksha Khan Dr.D.Rajinigirinath It eliminates time wasted during manual collection of attendance and an opportunity for the educational administrators to capture face-to-face classroom statistics for allocation of appropriate attendance scores and for further managerial decisions.
2 User Recognition System For Secure Voting In Avoidance of Proxy Casting And Recasting Karan.S                                         Shankar Babu.J Mrs.Audline Beena  It is an efficient way to administrate the election. It also helps to avoid proxy casting. Result are quickly transferred to centralized database.
3 Rural Medical ATM Bhuvan Shankar.S.S                         Gowtham.S Mr.Mathangopi It gives availability of medicines all the time in rural areas. it is very helpful to rural people. It gives ease of access also. It is sales person-less service
4 Real Time Transportation System and location Tracking Using Android Application Thangaraj Kumar.S                       Shankar.G.R Mr.Shanmugavel It improves safety and security, communication medium, performance monitoring and increases productivity.
5 Detection Of Underground Cable Fault Using GSM BharathRaj K                  Sarathkumar E Mr.Pandarinathan It is used to detect and locate the fault in underground cable . In the urban areas,the electrical cable runs in undergrounds instead of overhead lines.Whenever the fault occur the repairing process becomes difficult. It is very difficult to identify the exact location of the fault in underground power cable line. This project will ensure a shorter response time for technical crew to rectify these faults
6 Portable Camera Based Assistive Text And Product Label Reading From Handheld Object For Blind Persons Ramya R                                             Roja S Mra.Saranya It is used to perform text recognition on text localized regions and then recognized text codes are transformed to speech for blind person
7 Automatic Traffic Clearance System For JEYESHWAR M A                               YOGESH K Mrs.Santra Karunya It uses GPS system to track the location of the ambulance which will give a clear picture to the traffic policeman for clearing the traffic and to the user-selected
hospital for making preparations to treat the patient as per the user’s details
8 GPS Based Bus Tracking With Comfortable And Security System KIRUTHIKA P                                    LAKSHMI SAI SREEJA.S Mrs.Rekha This application will provide great assistance for the commuters to plan their journey effectively and thus leading to minimum waiting time for the buses.

Workshop / Hands on Training

Name of the workshop/ Hands on training Date Outcomes
Workshop on SAP 12/7/2018 SAP software offers business a platform in the form of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to manage their separate databases that run their company
Workshop on Technical Paper Writing 3/9/2018 Understand what writing an assignment involves,identify strengths and weaknesses,understand the functions of essays and reports and demonstrate writing skills
Workshop on Normal Forms in DBMS 10/9/2018 The database will be logically correct. Normalization works through a series of stages called normal forms. These result in an increasing number of narrower tables
Hands On Training  -Virtual  Computing 26/9/2018 The student is able to interact in a centralized, simple, and ubiquitous way, and directly through a
MOOC platform developed with Course Builder
workshop on “3D animation” 14/02/2019 Students will be able to animate a bouncing ball in 3D Computer Graphics, using squash and stretch deformers, create movements to convey gravity and weight of a bouncing ball.
Workshop on “PHP” 10/1/2019 Understand how server-side programming works on the web.PHP Basic syntax for variable types and calculations.Creating conditional structures
Storing data in arrays
Using PHP built-in functions and creating custom functions
Understanding POST and GET in form submission.

Seminar taken by students

Name of the student Seminar topic Date
M.H.Nandhinee Wavelet Transformation 21/08/2018
V.Saranya AWS 17/09/2018
Vinoth Kumar A New Trend on IOT 21/1/2019
C.R.Rahul GPS Location 1/29/2019
Syed Aasif Ahamed Android Development 2/5/2019