• To place the maximum students in reputed companies
  • To identify HR trainers and provide professional inputs to the students in various aspects of campus interview.
  • To train the students through mock interview, group discussion and aptitude test.
  • To identify potential employers and know their requirements.
  • Educate students on various opportunities in US, Australia, Germany, Canada, UK for further studies after graduation.
  • Guidance to prepare for competitive exams: GRE, TOEFL, GATE, IELTS, CAT, GMAT.
  • Furnish details on applying for exams, college admission procedures, Passport application, VISA procedures.
  • Maintain Statistics and contact details of alumni pursuing / pursued higher studies.
  • To educate and guide students to pursue higher studies in India and Abroad.

Placement Students List 2017

S.No Company Name Student Name Branch Designation
1 Sparkle Soft Systems Santhosh S CSE Software Developer
2 Sparkle Soft Systems Mythreyi S CSE Software Developer
3 Sparkle Soft Systems Janani J ECE Software Developer
4 First Source Pvt Ltd NELOFAR FATHIMA EEE Techsupport Executive
5 First Source Pvt Ltd D.J.RANJAN EEE Techsupport Executive
6 First Source Pvt Ltd GOKUL NATH.N IT Techsupport Executive
7 First Source Pvt Ltd M.THIVAGAR IT Techsupport Executive
8 First Source Pvt Ltd NIRANJANA.B IT Techsupport Executive
9 First Source Pvt Ltd GAYATHRI.S IT Techsupport Executive
10 First Source Pvt Ltd KAVIPRIYA.A CSE Techsupport Executive
11 First Source Pvt Ltd SWEATHA.B CSE Techsupport Executive
12 First Source Pvt Ltd P.MAMTHA CSE Techsupport Executive
13 First Source Pvt Ltd S.MONISHA CSE Techsupport Executive
14 First Source Pvt Ltd P.NAVEEN CSE Techsupport Executive
15 First Source Pvt Ltd A.GOWRI SWETHA CSE Techsupport Executive
16 First Source Pvt Ltd SOUNDARYA SASTHAYINI.S CSE Techsupport Executive
17 First Source Pvt Ltd M.MONICA CSE Techsupport Executive
18 First Source Pvt Ltd D.MONICA CSE Techsupport Executive
19 First Source Pvt Ltd KALAIVANI.V CSE Techsupport Executive
20 First Source Pvt Ltd VEERARAHAVAN.R ECE Techsupport Executive
21 First Source Pvt Ltd E.S.V.MEENAKSHI ECE Techsupport Executive
22 First Source Pvt Ltd K.PRIYANKA ECE Techsupport Executive
23 First Source Pvt Ltd U.SUSHMITHA ECE Techsupport Executive
24 First Source Pvt Ltd J.JANANI ECE Techsupport Executive
25 First Source Pvt Ltd P.MEERA MANOHARI ECE Techsupport Executive
26 First Source Pvt Ltd R.AKKSHATHAA ECE Techsupport Executive
27 First Source Pvt Ltd M.SURYA PRAKASH CIVIL Techsupport Executive
28 First Source Pvt Ltd R.L.DHARANI CIVIL Techsupport Executive
29 First Source Pvt Ltd K.ARAVIND CIVIL Techsupport Executive
30 First Source Pvt Ltd P. SATHESH KUMAR MECH Techsupport Executive
31 First Source Pvt Ltd CHITVAN.J MECH Techsupport Executive
32 First Source Pvt Ltd SAISANDIP.N.A MECH Techsupport Executive
33 First Source Pvt Ltd P.SUBASH MECH Techsupport Executive
34 First Source Pvt Ltd M.VIVEAK MECH Techsupport Executive
35 First Source Pvt Ltd P.VENKATESH MECH Techsupport Executive
36 First Source Pvt Ltd A.M.MUHAMMAD NAWFAL MECH Techsupport Executive
37 First Source Pvt Ltd S.KARTHIKEYAN MECH Techsupport Executive
38 First Source Pvt Ltd K.PARTHIBAN MECH Techsupport Executive
39 First Source Pvt Ltd DINESH KUMARAN MECH Techsupport Executive
40 First Source Pvt Ltd K V RAHUL MECH Techsupport Executive
41 RF Tronics Dhivya S ECE Techsupport Executive
42 RF Tronics Shanmuganathan M ECE Techsupport Executive
43 RF Tronics Rajalakshmi R ECE Techsupport Executive
44 RF Tronics Suwetha P L EEE Techsupport Executive
45 RF Tronics SIBI S EEE Techsupport Executive
46 RF Tronics Madhuvantii M EEE Techsupport Executive
47 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Jeevitha ECE Techsupport Executive
48 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Swetha ECE Techsupport Executive
49 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Abirami ECE Techsupport Executive
50 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Krishnaveni ECE Techsupport Executive
51 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Priyadharshini ECE Techsupport Executive
52 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Gokul Krishnan ECE Techsupport Executive
53 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Ajith Kumar ECE Techsupport Executive
54 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Karthick Raja ECE Techsupport Executive
55 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Balaguru.M MECH Techsupport Executive
56 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Karthikeyan.S MECH Techsupport Executive
57 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Mahindren.R MECH Techsupport Executive
58 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Ponraj.G MECH Techsupport Executive
59 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Rajaram MECH Techsupport Executive
60 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Soundarapandian MECH Techsupport Executive
61 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Vignesh.C MECH Techsupport Executive
62 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Chitvan.J MECH Techsupport Executive
63 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Rajesh.S MECH Techsupport Executive
64 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Rahul.K.V MECH Techsupport Executive
65 Aqua Pure Plus Ltd Karthikeyan.S MECH Techsupport Executive
66 Profuture Tech Solutions  Nandhinidevi S IT Software Developer
67 Profuture Tech Solutions  Jaya Rathi A IT Software Developer
68 Profuture Tech Solutions  Naveen P CSE Software Developer
69 Smart Training  Ramkumar Mech Trainer
70 Aspire Systems Pvt Ltd KALAIVANI.V Mech Trainer
71 Sutherland Global  PRIYANKA K CIVIL Non Voice - Consultant
72 Sutherland Global  SAMUNDEESWARI E CIVIL Non Voice - Consultant
73 Sutherland Global  KAVITHA A CSC Non Voice - Consultant
74 Sutherland Global  MARAGATHA VIJAYASHANTHI P CSC Non Voice - Consultant
75 Sutherland Global  VISHNU PRIYA G CSC Non Voice - Consultant
76 Sutherland Global  SWEATHA CSE Tech Support Executive
77 Sutherland Global  RASHMI CSE Tech Support Executive
78 Sutherland Global  MONICA CSE Tech Support Executive
79 Sutherland Global  MONISHA CSE Tech Support Executive
80 Sutherland Global  NIVETHA SHREE  CSE Tech Support Executive
81 Sutherland Global  ASHIKA CSE Tech Support Executive
82 Sutherland Global  SOUNDARYA CSE Tech Support Executive
83 Sutherland Global  FATHIMA BEGUM S ECE Non Voice - Consultant
84 Sutherland Global  AISHWARIYA A ECE Non Voice - Consultant
85 Sutherland Global  HARI KUMAR M ECE Non Voice - Consultant
86 Sutherland Global  SUNDAR R ECE Non Voice - Consultant
87 Sutherland Global  RAJALAKSHMI R ECE Non Voice - Consultant
88 Sutherland Global  PRIYANGA K ECE Non Voice - Consultant
89 Sutherland Global  SHANMUGANATHAN M ECE Non Voice - Consultant
90 Sutherland Global  VEERARAHAVAN.R ECE Non Voice - Consultant
91 Sutherland Global  PARTHIBAN C ECE Non Voice - Consultant
92 Sutherland Global  BENITA RUTH P ECE Non Voice - Consultant
93 Sutherland Global  NIVEDHA M ECE Non Voice - Consultant
94 Sutherland Global  VINUSHA P ECE Non Voice - Consultant
95 Sutherland Global  SRINIVASAN V ECE Tech Support Executive
96 Sutherland Global  PONMUDI  ECE Tech Support Executive
97 Sutherland Global  AJITHKUMAR R ECE Tech Support Executive
98 Sutherland Global  ABIRAMI SREE VALSAM ECE Tech Support Executive
99 Sutherland Global  AKKSHATHAA ECE Tech Support Executive
100 Sutherland Global  MEERA MANOHARI ECE Tech Support Executive
101 Sutherland Global  KEERTHIGA M EEE Non Voice - Consultant
102 Sutherland Global  PRIYA V EEE Non Voice - Consultant
103 Sutherland Global  SRIMATHI D EEE Non Voice - Consultant
104 Sutherland Global  SUWETHA P L EEE Non Voice - Consultant
105 Sutherland Global  GOWTHAM EEE Non Voice - Consultant
106 Sutherland Global  RAGUL R EEE Non Voice - Consultant
107 Sutherland Global  PRATHAP N EEE Non Voice - Consultant
108 Sutherland Global  MADHUVANTII EEE Tech Support Executive
109 Sutherland Global  NELOFARE EEE Tech Support Executive
110 Sutherland Global  RANJAN  EEE Tech Support Executive
111 Sutherland Global  GOWTHAM C EEE Tech Support Executive
112 Sutherland Global  ANUSHE K IT Non Voice - Consultant
113 Sutherland Global  THIVAGAR MANICKAM IT Non Voice - Consultant
114 Sutherland Global  GOKULNATH NANDAKUMAR IT Non Voice - Consultant
115 Sutherland Global  Jayarathi.A IT Non Voice - Consultant
116 Sutherland Global  MONASHA M IT Non Voice - Consultant
117 Sutherland Global  SHARMILA G IT Non Voice - Consultant
118 Sutherland Global  AISHWARYA R IT Non Voice - Consultant
119 Sutherland Global  SHARIGANTH P IT Non Voice - Consultant
120 Sutherland Global  ABIRAMI S IT Tech Support Executive
121 Sutherland Global  SINGARA VELAN T MECH Non Voice - Consultant
122 Sutherland Global  ALWIN JOY V MECH Non Voice - Consultant
123 Sutherland Global  AKSHAY KUMAR MECH Non Voice - Consultant
124 Sutherland Global  MOHANAKRISHNAN SHANMUGUM MECH Non Voice - Consultant
125 Sutherland Global  DHAYANIDHI V  MECH Non Voice - Consultant
126 Sutherland Global  KARTHIKEYAN S MECH Non Voice - Consultant
127 Sutherland Global  VINOTH V MECH Non Voice - Consultant
128 Sutherland Global  VISHNU DOSS S MECH Non Voice - Consultant
129 Sutherland Global  RAVI TEJA K S MECH Non Voice - Consultant
130 Sutherland Global  SHAKTHIVEL P MECH Non Voice - Consultant
131 Sutherland Global  VIGNESH C MECH Non Voice - Consultant
132 Sutherland Global  RAMKUMAAR P MECH Non Voice - Consultant
133 Sutherland Global  BALAJI DHARMALINGAM MECH Non Voice - Consultant
134 Sutherland Global  DINESH KUMARAN MECH Tech Support Executive
135 Sutherland Global  GUGHAN ABISHEK MECH Tech Support Executive
136 Sutherland Global  ARAVIND SELVAMANI MECH Tech Support Executive
137 Sutherland Global  MUHAMMAS NAWFAL MECH Tech Support Executive
138 CSS Corp NIRANJANA IT Tech Support Executive
139 CSS Corp ABIRAMI S IT Tech Support Executive
140 CSS Corp GAYATHRI S IT Tech Support Executive
141 CSS Corp AKSHITHA  ECE Tech Support Executive
142 CSS Corp MUHAMMED RIZWAN  MECH Tech Support Executive
143 Gamma Process CHANDRAPANDIYAN M MECH Tech Support Executive
144 Gamma Process JAYAPRAKASH Y MECH Tech Support Executive
145 Gamma Process DHAYANIDHI B MECH Tech Support Executive
146 Gamma Process DIWAKAR D MECH Tech Support Executive
147 Gamma Process HARISH D MECH Tech Support Executive
148 Gamma Process MANIMEGALAI A MECH Tech Support Executive
149 Gamma Process PRADEEP KUMAR M MECH Tech Support Executive
150 Gamma Process RAJKUMAR K MECH Tech Support Executive
151 Gamma Process AISHWARIYA A ECE Tech Support Executive
152 Gamma Process BALAMURUGAN S ECE Tech Support Executive
153 Gamma Process BHAVANI K ECE Tech Support Executive
154 Gamma Process CHITRA V ECE Tech Support Executive
155 Gamma Process PRATHEEPA P ECE Tech Support Executive
156 Gamma Process FATHIMA BEGUM ECE Tech Support Executive
157 Gamma Process GOKULAKRISHNAN G ECE Tech Support Executive
158 Gamma Process GOMATHI R ECE Tech Support Executive
159 Gamma Process MEGALA M ECE Tech Support Executive
160 Gamma Process MOHANA R ECE Tech Support Executive
161 Gamma Process POOJA S ECE Tech Support Executive
162 Gamma Process RAJALAKSHMI T ECE Tech Support Executive
163 Gamma Process SHANMUGA PRIYA M ECE Tech Support Executive
164 Gamma Process VIJAYALAKSHMI K ECE Tech Support Executive
165 Gamma Process GAYATHRI.S EEE Tech Support Executive
166 Gamma Process KEERTHIGA.M EEE Tech Support Executive
167 Gamma Process VIJAYALAKSHMI.D EEE Tech Support Executive
168 Gamma Process MOHAMMED AMEEN.H EEE Tech Support Executive
169 Gamma Process NIVETHA.R EEE Tech Support Executive
170 Gamma Process RAJESH.K EEE Tech Support Executive
171 Gamma Process MOHAN C CSE Tech Support Executive
172 Gamma Process NANDHINII DEVI.B CSE Tech Support Executive
173 Gamma Process PRIYANKA S CSE Tech Support Executive
174 Gamma Process SWETHA.R CSE Tech Support Executive
175 Gamma Process ARAVINDH V CSE Tech Support Executive
176 Gamma Process Anushe.K IT Tech Support Executive
177 Gamma Process Karthikeyan.B IT Tech Support Executive
178 Gamma Process Keerthana.S IT Tech Support Executive
179 Gamma Process Manjula.N IT Tech Support Executive
180 Gamma Process Vinoth.D IT Tech Support Executive
181 Gamma Process Jayarathi.A IT Tech Support Executive
182 Gamma Process Elakkiya.V IT Tech Support Executive
183 Zealous Services VIJAYALAKSHMI P CSE Tech Support Executive
184 Zealous Services SHILPA KM  CSE Tech Support Executive
185 Zealous Services KAVITHA A CSE Tech Support Executive
186 Zealous Services RANJANI S CSE Tech Support Executive
187 Zealous Services POOJA S ECE HR Executive
188 Zealous Services YAZHNI E ECE Tech Support Executive
189 Zealous Services VINUSHA JP ECE Tech Support Executive
190 Zealous Services SAHANADEVI S ECE Tech Support Executive
191 Zealous Services SUSILA S ECE Tech Support Executive
192 Zealous Services SUSHMITHA U ECE Tech Support Executive
193 Zealous Services SUNDAR R ECE Tech Support Executive
194 Zealous Services THENMOZHI C ECE Tech Support Executive
195 Zealous Services PARTHIBAN C ECE Tech Support Executive
196 Zealous Services NETHRA PRIYADHARSHINI G ECE Tech Support Executive
197 Zealous Services NIVEDHA S ECE Tech Support Executive
198 Zealous Services NIVEDHA M ECE Tech Support Executive
199 Zealous Services VIJAYALAKSHMI D EEE Tech Support Executive
200 Zealous Services KEERTHIKA A IT Tech Support Executive
201 Zealous Services SRIDEVI R IT Tech Support Executive
202 Zealous Services SALMA AFROOZE R IT Tech Support Executive
203 Zealous Services EZHILI D IT Tech Support Executive
204 Zealous Services PAVITHRA D IT Tech Support Executive
205 Zealous Services PRIYANGA M IT Tech Support Executive
206 Zealous Services PRADEEP K MECH Tech Support Executive
207 Zealous Services AKSHAY KUMAR R MECH Tech Support Executive
208 Zealous Services MADHAVA KRISHAN J  MECH Tech Support Executive
209 Aegis Global SUSHMITHA K CSE Tech Support Executive
210 Aegis Global DIVYA REKHA A CSE Tech Support Executive
211 Aegis Global NIVETHA SHREE R CSE Tech Support Executive
212 Aegis Global RASHMI N CSE Tech Support Executive
213 Aegis Global NARMADHA C M CSE Tech Support Executive
214 Aegis Global AAASHIKA S ECE Tech Support Executive
215 Aegis Global MOHAMMED IRSHAAD ECE Tech Support Executive
216 Aegis Global VINUSHA J P ECE Tech Support Executive
217 Aegis Global GOKUL R ECE Tech Support Executive
218 Aegis Global KEERTHIGA M EEE Tech Support Executive
219 Aegis Global VINITHA V EEE Tech Support Executive
220 Aegis Global KEERTHANA ARUNODHAYAM A EEE Tech Support Executive
221 Aegis Global SRIMATHI D EEE Tech Support Executive
222 Aegis Global SARANYA M IT Tech Support Executive
223 Aegis Global KARTHIKEYAN B IT Tech Support Executive

Placement Activities

  • Prepares the profile of the institution
  • Identifies major industries for inplant training, project work and placement visits various industries to project the college and its achievements and convince the HR for campus interviews.
  • Arranges Campus / Off-campus interviews.
  • Conducts mock interviews, group discussions and written tests at college level invites professionals from the field to deliver special lectures / conduct classes like C, C++ and Networking.
  • Conducts personality development programmes through professionals and our faculty
  • Conducts language proficiency assessment programme for the final year students and conducts special programmes to improve their language skills.
  • Arranges inplant training and industrial visits.
  • To arrange meeting with various education consultants.