Information Technology

The traditional engineering departments in recent times have undergone a major restructuring to bring in excellence and relevance into their activities. The advanced tools, techniques, equipment and instrumentation have made it possible to address some of the deeper but hitherto unanswered practical questions. One such department undergoing this transition is the Department of Information Technology at SMIT, Mangadu collected the changing mood of this department.

The Information Technology has been in existence since the inception as a basic course way back in 1960. Over the years, the department has trained and developed high quality engineering manpower for industry, R&D organizations and educational institutions. Inculcating amongst students a scientific temper, developing the ability to solve difficult problems, and creating an awareness of the societal needs, have been at the focus of the curriculum.

From the above it felt that Need for the present generation is that a course civil engineering and the answer for that is at SMIT Mangadu since 2011 onwards. The department is newly set with well equipped laboratories, well furnished faculty rooms and excellent faculty to inculcate the students in academic activities.